Smartsavenow’s mission

Smartsavenow’s mission statement is to provide the lowest Real-Time price on all its items. Customers will have the confidence that when shopping On-Line with, they will not have to price compare at mutliple sites for an Item. website will launch in the USA with over 25 million items and provide customers real-time prices from websites like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, EBay, Target and others. Guaranteeing the lowest price for an item at that particular time.

In the USA, smartsavenow intends to be approved by over 90 sellers including Amazon, Nordstrom and Home Depot. Additionaly in 9 countries including Canada, UK, Germany, smartsavenow intends to be approved by over 500 Sellers. This will result in a Market size of over 645 Million.

The Platform has been developed to operate on iOS, Android and Website. After the USA, smartsavenow will launch in an additional 9 countries within 5 months. This rapid expansion is due to the unique manner in which the entire system is designed.

Market Opportunity

The price comparison website market is expected to increase at a significant growth rate during the upcoming years. The global price comparison website market is supported by various growth drivers, such as increased internet penetration, increase in smartphone users, increasing switching market, etc.

Price comparison websites have become increasingly popular around the world over the last ten years. In the United Kingdom and the United States market research groups have estimated that annually $1.5 billion transactions pass through this well-established industry, according to Wize Commerce.